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Our Covid-19 Adjustments

The fascinating historical sites, fantastic people, and the centers of Innovative Technologists are waiting for you, here in Israel!

We want to ensure you a Safe & Relaxing experience, so we came up with solutions and adjustments, based on the newest World Health Organization recommendations and the instructions of the Israeli government. 
Please scroll down and read more about our unique solutions or contact us.

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man in the desert Image by Cole Keister

Only you

Touring during Covid-19 is not an easy task, but by touring with a private tour guide you ensure that there will not be other people in your close surrounding. 

A fantastic tour guide, which knows the country and what to expect in any site and city, can navigate you through the least busy paths and open spaces, so you won't have to walk in crowded places.

Timing is Everything

Imagine visiting the Western Wall without a mass of people around it - touching the stones and having an intimate moment between you and this meaningful site...It can be done!


We will build your itinerary so that you visit significant sites and great attractions at less crowded hours, guaranteeing a safer, more enjoyable and more intense experience 

Old City of Jerusalem
hammock on the beach Image by Dean McQuade


Take the time to experience unique places to spend the night and avoid massive and crowded hotels. Stay in luxurious cabins, Kibutzes, boutique hotels or even try glamping, for an unforgettable experience!

Culinary experiences

Good food is a great part of your adventure. Apart from eating in recommended chef restaurants, we suggest a different and more unique experience - Eat With: an amazing and intriguing chance to get to know Israelis in a much more intimate way - in their own house. 

We invite you to have dinner with an Israeli couple - Jewish, Christian, or Muslim and enjoy a home-made delicious and interesting meal. 

These encounters are unforgettable and will stay with you for a long time.

Middle Eastern Food
Airplane Above the Clouds


Please fasten your seatbelt and get ready to take off!

Allow us to book for you an amazing, private experience. 

A private jet will fly you and your family safely to Israel and back home. 

An approved NBAA associate will ensure a safe and luxurious start to your adventure.

We think the price will surprise you. please contact us for a personlized price offer. 


We are working within the guidelines and instructions of the Israeli government and achieved their "purple sign".

We are updated continuously with the latest regulations, ensuring you a safe trip.

We will provide you with disposable masks and hand sanitizer for each day of touring this lovely country.

Picture of woman's eyes Image by Ani Kolleshi
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