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Jordan & Egypt

If you would open CNN or NBC News, you will see an item about the Middle East in about 2.5 seconds.

We here, at Time Travel, together with our AMAZING partners across the borders of Israel, want to show you the True Face of the Middle East. Along with warm hospitality, we will open, together, a glimpse into fascinating cultures and civilizations, thousands of years old. Ready to reach out?

Egypt. Always arousing curiosity.

Imagination works overtime as you walk across Egypt. Each square meter holds the fascinating history of one of the vast empires of human history. A trip to Egypt is a total intellectual experience that leaves no one indifferent.
Let us take you on a journey through time, to Pharaoh and Nefertiti, Osiris and Anubis to the construction of the Pyramids and the exciting discovery of the Rosetta Stone.


Jordan. The land of stories, legends, and movies

Even Hollywood's most sophisticated studios couldn't create Petra and Wadi Ram. We want to invite you to be Indiana Jones and look for lost treasures, or be an Astronaut and walk on Mars and the moon. On the journey to Jordan, you will also get to know the authentic and noble Bedouin culture, which continues the ancient traditions of the Middle East nomads. Join us and reveal the wander.

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