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Our Time Travel Model

From fascinating historical sites, through amazing attractions, to technological inventions and ecological solutions for the future.

We believe in creating a holistic experience combined with all the dimensions Israel is made of.


The history of Israel, is your history.

3,800 years ago, Abraham had placed a cornerstone to the monotheistic religions, and prophet after prophet delivered Visions that influense billions all around the world.

Come and walk in 1,700 year old streets, enter  2,100 year old kings palaces, check out an ancient Roman Theater, visit 2,000 year old bathhouses (don't forget a swimsuit), and see where it all began.

Masada national park

Masada National Park

Wall in Israel, Next to Gazza strip

Geopolitical tours


Israel today is an interesting and challenging place.

If you want to get to know Israel, you need to get to know Israelis. Our exclusive knowledge, friendships and connections will create a true personal and meaningful encounters with Israelis, that will inspire you, meet your intellectual curiosity and deepen your connection to Israel. Eat with Israelis, surf with Israelis, drink in the trendiest local bars, eat in the best known restaurants, dance in a festival, meet politicians or drink wine with winemakers in their vineyards. What will be of interest to you?  


Are you interested to see  what the future looks like? 

Israel, the "Start Up nation", is the place you must visit!

Come and witness how to create drinking water from the desert's dry air, how to grow amazing tomatoes using extremely advanced bio-technology, how to produce "green energy" from pioneering photo-electric systems and visit in the beating heart of the global high-tech industry. 

birds in Israel

Biotour - Sde Eliyahu

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