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Bar Mitzvah Adventure in Israel

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Tracy contacted us regarding the Bar Mitzvah's celebration of her grandson. She has visited Israel several times before, but for her daughter's family, it will be a first. Therefore, she wanted an itinerary which will include the highlights Israel has to offer, together with activities fit for her energetic grandsons.

This is the itinerary we've prepared for her:

Day 1: Welcome to Israel

Our representative waited to the family in the Airport with surprises for soft landing (bottles of water, Israeli snacks and sweets) and an itinerary for each participant.

Drive to the hotel in Jerusalem and have dinner.

Overnight: Harmony Hotel, Jerusalem

Day 2: The lowest place on earth

The tour guide and driver met the family at the hotel and they began the drive to the Judean desert. They're first stop was Masada, and after touring the mountain they hiked the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve.

Later, they relaxed and floated at the Dead Sea and at the end of the day returned to Jerusalem.

Overnight: Harmony Hotel, Jerusalem

Day 3: The Ella Valley

The tour guide and driver met the family at the hotel and they drove to the Ella Valley – an area full with fascinating history.

They hiked in one of the Jewish Ancient settlement's ruins and visited several types of interesting and challenging caves in the area.

Then, they've visited the Armored Corps Museum in Latrun.

Overnight: Harmony Hotel, Jerusalem

Day 4: Bar Mitzvah Day

The family met the tour guide at the hotel and toured the old city of Jerusalem, with a Bar Mitzvah orientation.

Then, they've had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Robinson's arch (Ezrat Israel).

Afterwards, they continued touring the old city, and in the evening, they've enjoyed a festive Bar Mitzvah dinner at the Roof Top Restaurant.

Overnight: Harmony Hotel, Jerusalem

Day 5: Jerusalem – Below and Beyond

After meeting the tour guide at the hotel, the family have visit City of David and walk in the underground water tunnel

Tour Yad Vashem and participate in their "Twinning Program".

Tour Machne Yehuda market on your own.

Overnight: Harmony Hotel, Jerusalem

Day 6: Along the sea shore

The family checked out from the hotel and met the tour guide and driver.

They Drove along the sea shore and toured Kaesarea, Zichron Yaakov and the beautiful Rothchild gardens.

Then, they continued to a light hike of the hanged bridges in Nesher, where they've viewed the sea on one side, and the Carmel mountain from the other.

Overnight: Royal Beach hotel, Tel Aviv

Day 7: Tel Aviv

The tour guide met the family at the hotel and together, they experienced Jaffa and Tel Aviv through old and new streets, different markets and local restaurants.

In the evening, the family went to Claro restaurant located at the restored site of Sarona, to celebrate the last night in Israel.

Overnight: Tel Aviv

See you soon!

The names of the participants have been changed for privacy.

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