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Romance in the Holy Land - Honeymoon in Israel

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Sarah and Jack wanted to celebrate their marriage in a trip to Israel.

They wanted a detailed, yet spacious itinerary which they will follow mostly on their own, with enough time for relaxing. Therefore, we've created for them a unique itinerary suited to their hobbies and wishes.

Days 1-3: Eilat

Dive, swim and relax in Eilat without a tour guide

During these days Sarah and Jack had two scheduled activities and they had plenty of time to relax and have fun at the beach.

The activities they had included: Private guided ATV ride, visit the new underwater observatory, scuba diving with dolphines, snorkling in the Coral Reef Nature Reserve.

They've spent their nights in Dan Hotel Eilat.

Day 4: The lowest place on earth

Explore, float and ride at the Dead Sea area without a tour guide

After an Israeli breakfast and check out, Sarah and Jack rented a car and drove to the Dead Sea area. They've visited Masada National Park, relaxed at the Ein Gedi SPA, rode Camels and drove to Jerusalem and returned the car.

Day 5-6: Jerusalem

Step into history with a tour guide

The tour guide met Sarah and Jack at their hotel and together, they've steped thousands of years into history in the old city of Jerusalem.

Afterwards, they had a fantastic tasting tour in the Muslim market.

Taste, smell and feel Jerusalem without a tour guide

The couple tried some of the fabulous tastes of the Machne Yehuda market, and visited the Western Wall to absorb the "Shabbat".

Overnight: Villa Brown hotel, Jerusalem

Day 7-9: Above and Beyond

3000 years in 3 days of guided tours

  • Hiking in the Jerusalem mountains

  • 4X4 ride in the Burma road

  • Hike in the Carmel mountain

  • Visit Haifa

  • Tour Acco

  • Walk in ancient Jaffa

  • Explore the first neighborhoods of Tel Aviv

  • Discover the secrets of the German neighborhood of Sarona - Tel Aviv

  • Have a festive dinner in Mashya

Day 10-11: To the North

Road trip to the Galillee and Golan Hightes without a tour guide

The couple rented a car and drove to Sde Eliyahu Kibbutz for a fascinating Biotour.

Then, they explored the Beit Shean National Park strolled on the famous promenade of Tiberius.

On the next day they drove straight to a lookout over Syria.

Afterwards they visited a boutique chocolate factory and made some delisious chocolate themselves, followed by a hike in Tel Dan Nature Reserve.

On the end of the day they drove back to Tel Aviv.

Day 12: All you need is wine

Romantic, private wine tour with a tour guide

The tour guide waited for the couple in their hotel in Tel Aviv and drove with them to the Ella Valley. They've visited vineyards, toured boutique wineries, spoke with professional wine-makers and tasted some unique, incredible wines.

Day 13-14: Last days in Israel

Relaxing and enjoying Tel Aviv without a tour guide

Sarah and Jack has spend their last two days in Israel relaxing on the beach, cycling along Hayarkon river and tasting some great dishes in the Levinsky market.

See you soon!

The names of the participants have been changed for privacy.

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